The company head, Maurizio Rossini, is a third-generation cheese maker from Italy who carefully preserves and enriches the traditions and craft of Italian cheese-making. Rossini holds a Guinness Record for creating the world’s longest (150 m) mozzarella bread in 1996 while working at his family creamery together with his father and grandfather. Today, over 30 products are made under the Rossini brand, including such cheeses as mozzarella, ricotta, scamorza, stracciatella, silano, caciotta, caciocavallo, provolone, and the elite burrata. There are plans to expand the product range even further. All of the company’s cheeses are handcrafted from organic ingredients using the Italian technology. Milk is sourced from the Dutch cows fed on the top-quality feed. The company values the high quality of its products and as such does not use powder milk, palm oil, any kind of thickening agents, additives, or flavor enhancers.

Products: Soft cheese, semi-hard cheese, hard cheese.