Kubanmaslo-EMZ (short for Yefremovsky Oil Plant) was founded in 1999 with active participation of the American company Cargill. Today, Kubanmaslo-EMZ is the biggest corn oil producer in Russia with main facilities located in the towns Yefremov and Venyov, Tula Region. In 2016, Kubanmaslo-EMZ won the Golden Mercury (the national award of the consumer product industry), in the Best Exporter Company category. This prestigious annual competition is arranged by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation under the auspices of Russian Federal Assembly and the Ministry of Economic Development. The current company development plans include constructing a soybean oil extraction plant in 2018–2019, with an expected output of 1,000 tonnes of oil and 1,200–1,400 tonnes of rape per day.
Kubanmaslo-EMZ is a very versatile producer, able to process almost all kinds of oil-bearing plants (including rapeseed, corn germ, linen, etc.) and possessing significant production expertise as well as the necessary know-how.

Products: Corn oil – raw and refined, deodorised, freezed-out; consumer-grade rape oil – raw and refined, rape and corn seed cake (soybean oil is also expected in the near future).

Website: http://kuboil.ru