Global Group

Global group is comprised from 4 subsidiaries: Global Foods Group LLC (sunflower crude oil production), Global Concentrate Group LLC (apple juice concentrate production), Global Fruit Group LLC (apple gardening), and Ledenev LLC (FMCG manufacturing and distribution).

Global Foods is one of the largest organic sunflower oil producers in Central Russia with the capacity of 5,000 tonnes per month. The oil can be shipped to the customers by various means including tankers, flexi-tanks and barrels. Global Concentrate produces the apple juice concentrate since 2005 and processes up to 500 tonnes of feedstock per day. The factories of both Global Foods and Global Concentrate are certified according to ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 22000 and ISO 37001. Global Fruit owns 1,000 hectares of apple gardens in Georgievsk, Stavropol Region. The expected harvest for 2018-2019 is estimated to be 20,000 tonnes. Finally, Ledenev processes the raw products of other Global subsidiaries into the final product, including bottled sunflower oil, water and soft drinks.

Products: Sunflower oil, water and soft drinks.