Tula Milk Factory

Tula Milk Factory is the important food industry producer, with leading positions in the raw volume and scale of milk processing, as well as in the selection of dairy products. The latter is comprised of over 60 titles sold in various packaging: pasteurised milk, cultured milk products, drinkable and bio-yoghurts, whey-based drinks, curds, butter, milk products for child-care facilities. The total production capacity is 180 tonnes per day.

Tula Milk Factory’s strategic partners are the biggest Russian and international packaging manufacturers. It has cooperated with the Swedish company Tetra Pak (the leading producer of packaging and equipment for food and processing industries). Starting from 2008 Tula Milk Factory has worked with another Swedish company, Ecolean (the jar-like packaging of some milk products is made on the Ecolean equipment).

The company’s milk products are well-received by the customers and are sold in several regions of the Central Federal District, including Orel, Kaluga, Ryazan, Voronezh, and Moscow regions. Tula Milk Factory is actively expanding and in doing so puts special emphasis on the quality assurance and technological innovation. High product quality, wide selection, affordable prices, modern design and packaging all contribute to the consistent consumer demand.

Products: Dairy products such as milk, kefir, boiled fermented milk, curd, butter, various spreads, curd products (also drinkable), yoghurts, acidolact, soft cheese, sour cream, etc.

Website: http://www.tulamilk.ru